Updated Recipes

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. My family was out and about visiting family, which was wonderful…BUT, I’m so happy to be back home too. Vacationing with a 1-year-old can get a little rough at times. I must say, we all had an amazing time despite the lack of sleep and tantrums at times!

Cinnamon Rolls

I’ll be back with some new recipes real soon, but a couple updates about old recipes first! I updated my Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls because after making them again, a lower temperature is the way to go to make sure they don’t get too brown on top while baking. Also, probably my most popular recipe, Green Lentil Dal, had a face lift after my best constructive critic (my sister, of course!) told me it was too watery for her taste. So I tried it again with less liquid and it was great! She was totally right! I left the extra liquid as an option, so if you were attached to the old version, you’re still covered.

Lentil Dal

Speaking of green lentil dal, keep an eye out for my next recipe…I’ll leave you guessing what it is exactly, but it’s another take on dal that might just be even more delicious than the original! YUM!