About Me

Hey there! Thanks for visiting! My name is Steph. I am an occupational therapist, graphic designer, and wannabe cook, baker, and gardener. I think I’m pretty cool but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Me and my wonderful husband Travis

I am a school occupational therapist in the great state of Michigan. I have the joy of working with students from kindergarten through high school. I teach them how to be successful in school and to give them skills for when they are no longer in school. How great is that?! I love it. The kids make me so happy and thankful for every day of my life. Before I studied to become an occupational therapist, I got a degree in visual communication design and I enjoy designing in my free time, though not nearly enough. 

Peeta and Primrose

My husband, Travis, and I moved to Michigan from Ohio after college at Ohio State (Go Bucks!) and have enjoyed Michigan ever since! We have two trouble makers named Peeta and Primrose. Yes, Hunger Games. No, we did not pick the names ourselves but when we adopted the kitty siblings I couldn’t manage to change their names. Don’t know why. So the names stuck!

Cooking at home, age 3

I have grown up in the kitchen cooking with my mom and grandmothers. Their influence helped me become the cook (and person) I am today. Hope I do them proud. I think I do. Again, I’ll let you decide. I love starting from square one when cooking. I try to use the freshest, most pure form of ingredients to create yummy masterpieces. I’m new to this gardening thing but my life goal would be to provide most of the fruits and vegetables for my family from my own garden. I’ll keep you updated on this goal. For now though, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and, most of all, my recipes!